Flat Fee and Alternative Fee Arrangements
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While working for Bank of America, John managed a budget for his multiple banking centers in much the same way as the business owners and managers his firm represents today have to do. Therefore, once John started practicing law and developing his own client base, he noticed how difficult it could be for clients to manage a budget when faced with unpredictable costs like legal fees. John’s concern was that some cllients paid more attention to the amount of time they spent with their lawyer than to the detail and precision of information they were providing to their lawyer. John learned that clients might avoid providing pertinent details because they were “watching the clock.” In addition,  potential clients might avoid contacting a lawyer altogether because of the uncertainty of the legal fees involved.  Simply put, John learned that the distraction created by a time-based method of billing takes away from the proper focus of the relationship, which is gathering information and providing a solution for a client’s legal issues.

  • Flat Fee Billing Options

  • On-Call Service

  • Fixed Rates for Wage/Hour Audits, EEOC Charges, and Other Regulatory Matters

  • Monthly and Quarterly Retainer Options

In 2015, in addition to the firm’s traditional billing options, John developed a flat-fee billing option. John’s belief is that by providing an alternative to time-based billing, clients will communicate more often and more thoroughly with their outside employment counsel, which can help reduce legal risks and result in less litigation. John’s belief has been reinforced through feedback from clients and from real results both the firm and its clients have seen.

The firm’s flat-fee billing option covers any employment-related legal issues as they arise. This provides clients with the opportunity to consult with an attorney, as necessary, without having concerns about hourly billing and unpredictable expenses.

The firm also offers a flat-fee billing option for handling charges and audits brought by federal and state agencies, such as EEOC charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and wage and hour audits brought by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). With the success of the firm’s flat-fee billing process, John continues to explore the potential for alternative billing arrangements covering litigation.

John would be happy to speak with you about the possibility of implementing a flat-fee billing option or other alternative pricing structure for your company.